January 30, 1934 - September 4, 2003


This memorial is presented by Bill's wife, "Tiny".

Bill was born in Camden and raised in Big Sandy.  When unable to find work, he moved to the Chicago area and joined the Army in 1954.  He received an honorable discharge from the Army Reserve in November, 1962.

While on leave in June, 1956, he married Eileen "Tiny" Sandstrom.  They had two daughters, Carol (born in Panama - September 1957) and Madge (born in Oak Lawn, IL - August 1962).

In 1976, Bill moved back to Big Sandy with his family where he opened a small engine sales and service shop in the garage behind their home.  The business grew and in 1980, he moved to a new location at 13070 Hwy 69-A.  Diagnosed with cancer in 2000, he continued to work until just three months before he was called Home on September 4, 2003.

A very loving husband, father, and businessman, he is greatly missed by all those who loved him, as well as those he served.

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