This memorial is presented by Jason's Mom and Dad, Wendell and Linda Berry.

My son, Jason Wendell Berry, was born September 18, 1974.  Even as a child, Jason loved to study about the world around him.  As he grew older, his natural curiosity lead him toward academics.  He grew to love school, and he participated in all the school-related organizations he could manage.  One of which was the Beta Club. 

Jason also loved to make others happy whenever possible.  He would often visit the elderly in the nursing home, where he was always welcomed with open arms.  His love for school and people around him soon prompted him to take a stand against the use of drugs in the school system.  Sheriff Billy Furr Wyatt became both a role model and inspiration for him.  Jason also became involved in clown ministry, visiting area churches and youth camps.

Although Jason was taken from us in an unfortunate accident, his memory will always remain.  His life, though short, had a profound meaning for all who knew him.  His stay here was brief, but his love and contributions are everlasting.

Linda Berry - Mom

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