Realtor-Big Sandy Office

Let me introduce myself as a new addition to the very professional real estate agency Patriot Realty USA, LLC. I have been in the realty business as a Certified Professional Appraiser with Mickey Mooney Appraisals Service in Paris, Tennessee for the past 24 years and I have just retired my license as a certified appraiser in 2015. I have now become a Realtor and therefore bring a multitude of knowledge to this career for property values and real estate in general.  I have been a resident of Big Sandy, Tennessee since 1989 and have had many years to build my experience with the area and the local residents.  I am looking forward to meeting the customers with confidence so that I can provide the information the Sellers and Buyers would like to have in a purchase of your future property.

Patriot Realty USA, LLC                        (731) 593-3540